About Emma

Hello, I’m Emma Seymour, clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, Qoya teacher, reiki healer, retreat leader and workshop facilitator. I'm also the founder of the Seymour Clinic and Seymour Wellness. Welcome!

I'm qualified, experienced, and on a mission to help you overcome challenges, achieve your goals, and become all you truly want to be.

I’m dedicated to helping you achieve a successful outcome… whatever that means to you.

Like most people, I have suffered in my life. I’ve struggled with trauma, phobia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of confidence, performance anxiety, addiction, disordered eating, weight issues, fertility concerns and - of course -relationships.

The first person who ever really helped me to make positive changes in my own life was a hypnotherapist. My spider phobia (which was SEVERE) was gone after one session. In one relaxing hour, my life changed forever.

I didn't know such change was possible! In my younger years, I was painfully shy and lacking in confidence. I found it hard to express myself, I was terrified of singing in front of anyone else, and spent most of my life wanting to hide.

In my twenties, alcohol gave me false confidence, but of course, drinking in order to socialise brought its own problems, and by my thirties I was drinking to numb my pain.

Now, in my forties, I no longer drink, I’m healthy, I like myself, and I love my life. That doesn't mean it's perfect, but I am - at last - generally a confident, calm, happy person. 

I am no longer afraid to be seen or heard. One of my passions is teaching public speaking, because I love helping people to overcome their fears, and and fear of speaking in public is the NUMBER ONE phobia in the UK and USA! If you're ready to awaken and own the healing power of your unique voice, I can help.

Expressing yourself is really important. It's harmful to our wellbeing when we don't say what we need to, or when we speak untruths. I create a safe space in which you can be 100% real and true and honest.

I understand that your first session with me might be the first time you've ever told your whole story to anyone. Voicing your story is therapeutic and empowering. This can be life-changing, and and I'm honoured to hold this space for you.

I have learned to be grateful for ALL of my experiences - the good and the bad - because without them, I wouldn't be the therapist, coach and teacher that I am today. I wouldn't be such a good listener. Sure, I'm educated, and I've done a lot of training, but compassion and wisdom come from lived experience.

I've gone through a LOT to be where I am today. You can trust me, and you can tell me anything. You won't shock me, and I'll have a pretty good idea of how you might be feeling. 

Even better, I know how to help you make positive changes, so that you can live, work, feel, love, and succeed the way you truly want to.